Peter Huang, MFT

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Psychotherapy for Individuals and Couples

Entering therapy is the courageous first step toward living the life you want to live—one filled with freedom, flexibility, and personal power.

If you are seeking therapy because you are struggling with a crisis, feel overwhelmed by emotional pain, or are confronted by seemingly intractable conflict at home, work, or school, you are not alone. As others have found, therapy can help you work through these and other issues in a journey toward resolution and relief.

But therapy is much more than just "fixing" a problem. Therapy can also be a collaborative process and an enriching path toward profound self-discovery in the context of everyday life. As regular therapy helps you become more connected to your genuine self—your fears, your desires, your hangups, your sense of humor—you will discover a serene power that enables you to choose how you want to live, even when crises do arise.

Therapy can be hard work, it’s true. But it doesn’t have to feel daunting or intimidating. In fact, therapy can also be filled with laughter and a deep joy as you recreate for yourself a life of intention, health, and fullness.

My Personal Belief in Therapy

I don’t believe that therapy is about digging up the past and analyzing it to death. Rather, my work focuses on your present experiences, while bringing in relevant aspects of your history to help illuminate the themes, desires, and patterns manifesting themselves in your life right now. I believe the power of therapy is most evident when you move from making decisions based on what you think you “should” do, to consciously making decisions because they resonate with your innermost being.

Understanding how the past has shaped our present in order to find practical solutions to a problem is sometimes called a psychodynamic perspective, and it is the orientation I practice with my clients.

Therapy is a journey filled with small, manageable steps. If you are ready to take the first step, feel free to contact me for an initial consultation.

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