Peter Huang, MFT

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Clinical Specialties

Stress, frustration, anxiety, depression, and other unsatisfactory emotions

Many of my clients experience a general dissatisfaction with life rooted in their day-to-day living, rather than in a specific crisis. I have discovered that proactively working with these feelings in therapy helps my clients deal with them before they have the opportunity to manifest themselves in a specific problem.

Cross-cultural  environments and relationships

Being an Asian American who has lived both abroad and in the United States, I have a particular sensitivity to the conflicts that can arise from cultural issues here in America. This has helped me work successfully with clients struggling with cultural identity, third-culture issues, intercultural relationships, generational conflict, and race-based workplace issues.

Men's issues

While I work closely with both men and women, I also specialize in helping men who struggle with a variety of issues, including relating to other men; understanding and honoring both the “masculine” and the emotional sides of a man; working through sexual addictions and substance abuse; moving toward sexual wholeness; and trying to juggle the demands and expectations many men feel are placed upon their lives.

High-achieving and creative individuals

I have worked successfully with students, professors, and leaders in the corporate world, as well as with writers, artists, and other creative individuals who struggle with perfectionism, self-doubt, and performance anxiety.

Ministers and their families

My theological degree and personal background in church ministry deeply inform my work with clergy and their family members. I understand first-hand the unique challenges that face ministers and their family members, and the demanding roles they are expected to fulfill.

People in relationship crisis

Many of my clients seek therapy to help resolve a volatile situation or crisis in a key relationship, whether with a spouse or partner, family member, friend, or colleague at work. They find that working with the problem in a structured, therapeutic environment can open up new possibilities for resolution.

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